“All your job search ,..       
in one place on your iPhone”
Welcome to Good Job Support

Keep everything related to your job search in one place

Track your progress with tasks, events, follow ups and interviews. Save an unlimited number of jobs and contacts in predefined categories along with priorities. In addition save userid and password info created on company and job sites.

With GOOD JOB you can
  • See upcoming tasks, events, follow ups and interviews on the dashboard so you can stay on top of all planned activities

  • Assign a status type to each job allowing you to simultaneously track, follow up and prioritize hundreds of jobs at the same time.

  • Track an unlimited number of contacts in categories with priorities.

  • Keep track of accounts you create on company web sites or job sites when storing your resume and cover letter

  • Keep track of notes from successful and unsuccessful interviews

  • Keep track of which resume or cover letter was sent to which job

  • Avoid the pitfalls of recording job information on paper (and having to store it) or on your computer and not having it with you in a meeting or in an interview


The Dashboard shows you everything you need to act on. You can also customize the number of days ahead that you need to be alerted.
  • How many tasks are due?
  • What events are coming up?
  • How many planned follow ups are upcoming?
  • What interviews are coming up?
  • Access to accounts you created on company sites/job sites


Unlike follow ups, tasks are never associated with a job. You can enter any todo item related to your job search and assign a priority, date and notes to it.
  • Assign priorities
  • Mark completed when finished
  • Be alerted on the dashboard
  • Set due dates and input task notes


Capture an unlimited number of jobs in categories along with priorities.
  • You can work on hundreds of jobs at the same time
  • Highly intuitive job status icons
  • Easy to scroll and identify jobs
  • Each job captures detailed information including applied date, resume and cover version,leads and much more


Capture unlimited number of contacts in categories with priorities
  • Capture detailed information about your contact related to your job
  • Intuitive icons make it easy to identify contacts from large list
  • Assign priorities so you can focus on the most important people


Save account information such as userid, password, date created, email and notes from tens of hundreds of job sites.
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